Anchor Down Those Portable Canopies & Awnings!

awning sandbags

The weather is finally changing, daylight savings time is kicking in. Summer is almost here! That means more events outdoors. Whether you are at the beach, flea market, sporting event or anywhere else you are setting up those portable awnings and canopies, don’t forget to anchor them down. Portable canopies are great for getting out of the sun and offer plenty of shade and comfort but have you ever had a big gust of wind come by and take your canopy with it? When this happens it is not only inconvenient but can be very dangerous as well. Well, we have the answer! Check out these professional grade Canopy Sandbags™ for pop-up tents and awnings. Each bag holds 40 lbs of sand or stone. Clamp the Canopy Sandbags™ to tent legs using attached full-length Velcro system. For added security, use included adjustable hurricane straps to also connect the bags to the top corners of the awning. – See more at:—recreation–awning-sandbags.html and check out this canopy sandbag installation video:

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