Ever need to fill sandbags? This is the product for you!

sandbag filling machine

One of the biggest factors when deploying sandbags as barriers is speed and ease of deployment. When a tropical storm is coming or river cresting is imminent, you need to get a lot of sandbags on the ground in a hurry. Even when used routinely for road work and construction, if you have manpower on the clock, you face the same challenge… getting the most sandbags down as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Back in the day this tasked utilized many people, lots of shovels, much time and a lot of dirt on the ground. Today is much different! What if you learned that you could have a portable, high production set-up that will allow filling and closing of up to 900 sandbags per hour with a 4 man crew for under 12k? 12k still outside your budget? Then how about a Sandbag Filling Machine Basic Package will fill up to 250 sandbags per hour with a 3 man crew for right at 7k? That’s 250 sandbags an hour non-stop around the clock!! It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the dollar savings in man power there and the speed of deploying these sandbags could save additional tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of dollars of property.

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