How is Sand Made?


We all love to stroll on a white, sandy beach. As children we loved to play in sand boxes. In wet conditions, we have used a sandbag or two to keep water from our property. But, how did that sand become sand?

Simply put, sand is the weatherized material of larger stones, rocks or minerals. Wind, rain, and the ocean tide, beat on rocks, sea cliffs, and even sea shells, forming fine grains that we know as sand.

Sand is quite useful. Sand is the primary component in the making of glass. Sand is an ideal soil for certain crops. Sand is added to clay to make bricks. Sand is a primary component in concrete. Sand is used on icy roads to provide traction. Sand can be used to filter water. Sand is the ideal product to build a water retaining or gunfire absorbing wall.

The weather provides us with this very versatile product. And we are the lucky recipients of its usefulness. Do yourself a favor and find some sand today. It may be the best investment you can make! And hey, while your at it, pick up some sandbags at the At the very least, it is an investment that can protect your other precious investments.