Is “Sandbagging” a Sandbag Term?


We’ve all heard the term “sandbagging” which typically is used to indicate that someone is concealing or misrepresenting something on purpose to gain an advantage in the future. Where did this term come from, and was it derived from the uses of sandbags?

One theory of the origins of the term sandbagging is that it came from the world of poker. A person who had a good hand, would begin by subtly misrepresenting the good hand they had, to get others to continue playing, and then in the end, would dump their sandbag, and take the pot.

But it appears that sandbagging did initially have something more directly to do with sandbags. The term sandbag, used as a verb, began in the 1800’s to describe someone who would lie in wait and then attack others with sandbags. And, to describe this type of person would be to call them a Sandbagger.

Luckily, in today’s day and age, sandbags are not used for this purpose. They are used for only good! So don’t be afraid or your friendly sandbaggers at The We are here to help!