Sandbags, The Sea Venture and Teredo Worms

On August 9, 2015, a group of volunteers stacked sandbags on the wreck of the Sea Venture in Bermuda. Why? To protect the remains of the boat from teredo worms, which eat wet wood. However,…


Is “Sandbagging” a Sandbag Term?

We’ve all heard the term “sandbagging” which typically is used to indicate that someone is concealing or misrepresenting something on purpose to gain an advantage in the future. Where did this term come from, and…


How is Sand Made?

We all love to stroll on a white, sandy beach. As children we loved to play in sand boxes. In wet conditions, we have used a sandbag or two to keep water from our property….

Sandbags – in July

We’ve heard the term, “Christmas in July”…but what about “Sandbags in July”. For the most part, flooding and storms might make you conjure up the image of winter or spring. But, for many areas in…